The CEREC system is used worldwide to create all-ceramic dental restorations. Using CEREC, Dr. Holliday can design and fabricate permanent ceramic crowns, veneers and other restorations in one office visit.

The CEREC Process

The process is very simple! We will complete a digital scan of the tooth using a 3-D intraoral camera. This eliminates the messy, uncomfortable putty impressions. The camera generates a full color 3-D model of the tooth. Using the CEREC software, Dr. Holliday can design your custom restoration quickly and with complete precision. The restoration is fabricated and bonded to the tooth. You will leave the office with a permanent restoration. There is no need for temporaries and follow-up appointments!

Why Choose CEREC?

The CEREC system has many advantages.

  • The restorations are made in a single visit, so no follow-up appointments are required.
  • Treatment is hassle-free and more comfortable.
  • The restorations are beautiful, durable and natural-looking.
  • The procedure is completed in about an hour.