Teeth Whitening


Changes in the color of your teeth can be caused by factors such as drinking coffee, tea, and soda, as well as childhood medications, illnesses, tobacco use or improper oral hygiene. We offer several whitening options to give you a beautiful, natural looking smile!

Perfecta® Bravó™

A new day in professional take-home tooth whitening.


  • Shorter wear time – 30 minutes, once a day
  • Proven faster results with patient compliance
  • Patented water-based 9% hydrogen peroxide gel
  • 84% less wear time
  • Superior whitening, avoids sensitivity

KöR Whitening

KöR is widely recognized as the world’s most effective whitening system. It offers solutions from phenomenal home whitening for average patients, to astonishing treatment of tetracycline cases and everything in between. We have found KöR Whitening to be the gentlest whitening system available with the most amazing results!

  • It restores the teeth's ability to absorb oxygen (from the whitening gel) and dissolves the stains from deep within each tooth.
  • KöR desensitizer solution helps desensitize and prevent sensitivity.
  • It can whiten teeth up to 16 shades lighter.
  • No lights or lasers
  • You can still drink coffee, tea and red wine after whitening
  • It is safe for the teeth and gums.
  • Perfect for ages 14 – 90

And with KöR, if you follow the periodic home maintenance, the whitening results are permanent.

How does it work?

Your dental professional will make a mold of your teeth to fabricate custom KöR whitening trays. These trays are comfortable and thin and are designed to seal the whitening gel inside the tray and keep saliva out to provide 6 to 10 hours of whitening activity.  Several treatment options are available. Based on your desired result, we will determine which one is right for you.

Before Treatment

After Treatment